Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going Out - Results!

So as promised, I went out Friday night. I also went to a LAN on Saturday. I had a good time and here are the results.

I got to the place at about 10pm and it turns out that they have actually started charging even to get in the downstairs pub area. It was only $5 but I was surprised they did that. The place was not exactly pumping, actually it seemed kind of dead when I got there. There was a band doing covers and they were actually pretty good, I listened to them until they had a break and then decided I'd go for a walk around the area and grab a Ice Break Loaded from 7 11. I probably walked around for over 1/2 an hour before heading back to the pub.

On the way back I walked past a few guys that were sitting on a street corner and one of the guys started yelling at me about fighting him or some shit. I should probably mention about now that up until I was 17 I did martial arts all my life, first Karate and then Taekwondo. I was a state champion 5 times in a row and national champion twice. Even though I have not been training for years I am pretty confident in my ability.
Anyway that guy was talking shit but I did not give a fuck and just walked past him and he was all talk and did not do anything, but a group of 4 guys and a girl were near by and he started yelling at them. They were heading in the same direction as me and one of the guys (who looked a little drunk) said to me 'would you back me up' in relation to getting into a fight with the loud mouth guy. I said 'Fuck yeah, he was giving me shit too.' We ended up talking all the way back to the pub. I didn't see them again after I got back in though.

When I got back in the place was a lot more full of people. The band was back on and people were dancing, an ambulance came to save some chick who looked like she was dying or something, cops came and searched some guy on suspicion he was a drug dealer or something. I also discovered that they had added a small room off to the side that had a DJ spinning dubstep tunes. I sometimes like to listen to some dubstep but I had never thought it would be music to dance to... and I was right. The few people that were dancing looked they were spastic and must have been on lots of drugs.

I didn't really have any plans to go upstairs at any point but, I did... and this is why. For some reason a guy that was with a girl who looked like his girlfriend walked up to me, pinched my nipples, and said 'you should come up stars with us' ... and so I did. Thinking about it now, I don't know if they wanted to get freaky with a threesome or something, but the thought did not occur to me at the time. At the time my mindset was more just 'wtf? ok whatevers dude' ... also his girlfriend was hot and I was hoping they might have some similarly hot friend for me or something. But I lost them upstairs.

After a little but upstairs I decided to hit the dance floor. It was very crowded so I figured I could just blend in. Most of the time I was dancing by myself. At one point some girl started hitting me with her bag repeatedly... I have no idea why though.

I did dance with a girl, actually danced with the same girl a couple of times, and there is a little bit of a story to go with it.
I noticed this girl really early on in the night, actually while I was walking around outside I noticed her arriving to the pub. She stood out to me for a couple of reasons. She was pretty good looking but she was wearing what looked like guys jeans and a guys shirt. I actually thought she was a lesbian. Also, for some reason, she just seemed like a tough chick, just by the way she moved. I later found out I was right about that.
When I saw her upstairs on the dance floor, she was actually yelling at a guy (We will call him guy 1) that was hitting on her and pushing him away, roughly. After the guy was not leaving, one of her friends (we will call him guy 2), a massive guy, walked up to the guy and started yelling at him. Then he pushed him hard and the guy went flying and landed hard on his back. Then the guy disappeared into the crowd.
A little after this the same girl was dancing near me and looked at me, I gave her a smile and suprisingly she smiled back. She started moving towards me on the dance floor and we ended up doing the dance I can only explain as the 'girl dances with back to guy while there is a lot grinding of crotch to ass action happening.' This surprised me after seeing what happened to the last guy to try anything with her. After a bit of this, she grabbed one of her girl friends and started dancing with her.
A moment later I noticed guy 1 and the guy 2 standing in front of each other on the dance floor. Then guy 1 dived onto guy 2 and started beating the shit out of him. I put an arm around guy 2 to try and pull him off guy 1 but the bouncers jumped in and grabbed them. It took 3 bouncers to hold back guy 2. They got taken away and the dance floor cleared out a lot but I stayed there and suprisingly after they got taken away the girl started dancing with me again.

Later, just before closing time, I got a fucking surprise. A guy I used to hang out with a few years ago appeared in front of me looking just as surprised as I was. We started talking and after a while I was updated on the old group and was surprised to find out that 2 of them now have kids, one owns his own restaurant, another is working as the bar manager at that restaurant. He was also there alone so at closing time I offered him a ride home. On the way he told me he is working in the mines, 6 weeks on site and then 2 weeks back home. He said he is heading back on Monday and will call me next time he is back home to hang out and catch up more.

After I dropped him off I drove home and fapped.

TLDR; went out, watched fight, grinded on a bitch, met an old friend, did not get sexy times, fapped.


  1. Still seems you had a entertaining day.

  2. Hahaha, oh god. That turned out fantastic.

  3. Bro, that sounds like an awesome night! Don't tell me you didn't have fun because I can't think of a more exciting way to have spent an evening. Especially the nipple pinching.

  4. you've got a pretty good voice, keep it up man

  5. damn... sounds like a hell of a night