Thursday, September 16, 2010

Going Out - Tonight!

So a few days ago I said I am going to go out Friday night (tonight) and asked you all what I should do. If you missed that you can read it here.

One of the bar areas where I am going
First off, thanks for all the responses! They were pretty varied responses from go to a bar / pub / coffee house / library (Friday night at the library, party animal!) to don't go out alone, find someone to go out with (unfortunately that has not happened... yet anyway) to just go out because everyone will be drunk and you will never see them again anyways, to just stay home and be awesome by yourself.

The major consensus mostly seems to be to stay away from clubs and try a bar or pub. Well the best idea I can come up with from this info is to go to a place that is near by that is actually a pub downstairs and a club upstairs. It's free entry to the pub area then you have to pay to get upstairs to the club. I can just stay down in the pub and the best part about this is that drunk people from upstairs are always coming down and vice versa so there is a real mix of people. The down side to this place is, last time I went upstairs to the club area I got asked if I was gay... twice. I'm not going to lie, even though I am straight I was a little flattered but to this day I don't know why those guys got that impression of me. I wasn't even wearing my pink shirt.

Unfortunately I will not be getting drunk because I am going to be driving there since the public transport in my area is fucking terrible / non existent. But the up side to driving is that I can offer a lift to the sexy ladies (and then watch them turn me down because by then I will have a bad case of rape face).

Anyways that’s the plan, I will post the results... maybe not tomorrow because I am actually going to a local monthly LAN event and will be busy gaming / leaching all day... but soon, maybe on Sunday.

TLDR; Going out sexing the ladies, will post results.


  1. I say goto the library anyways. Bring a few drunks along too, fuck it.

  2. ...but then i put on my rape face!! LOL good luck tonite dude, have fun :)

  3. great post man

    always supportin <3

  4. Good luck man, don't forget to put on your cool face

  5. Cool, that might be a good place! Try to make a bit of conversation and you might have a great evening! ^^

  6. Doesn't sound like a bad place actually. Just have fun. Hope you'll also have fun at your LAN event, bro!

  7. Yeah I'd have to agree with the two above me, sounds pretty nice. Enjoy that LAN event where you can really put on your rape face.

  8. whoa that bar looks awesome.

    Dam you cant get wasted :(