Friday, October 1, 2010

Decide My Future - Employment

As you know I have been training a new staff member to take over my job and I will be moving into a slightly more technical position doing Tech Support work, but another new opportunity has presented itself.

At the moment I work for the local government and I really like where I work. I have been working there for nearly two years in an IT Support (helpdesk) position. But I do not actually work for them directly, I am employed by an employment agency and work for the local government under contract that gets extended every few months or so. Because of this I don't get any benefits such as sick pay and RDO's (Roster Days Off) and paid holiday leave etc. Also my job is actually not supposed to be permanent, I am filling a roll that is actually filled by an existing staff member that is just currently working on a big project so I may loose my position at some point. But at the same time there is also a high chance that I will eventually become hired full time and get to keep my job permanently, or fill another of the many new jobs that are becoming available at the organisation.

As I mentioned in the last post they have given me the opportunity to step up a level and start doing a more technical roll as a Desktop Support tech which is a step up and will make my resume look a little better and give me more experience.

At the same time my boss, who is a pretty awesome guy and always looks out for me, brought to my attention that the local University has two Service Desk positions advertised that I would be perfect for because they are the same kind of job I have been doing for the last two years and I am pretty damn good at. These positions will be directly employed by the University rather than through an employment agency which means that I get all the benefits and job security etc. But on the other hand it means that right now when I have the opportunity to get into a more technical roll, I will be instead moving back into the same experience level I have been in over the last two years.

So my question to you is, should I go for this job at the University for the job security and benefits even though I will still be at my current level, or should I stick where I am and take the new roll, build more experience have some opportunity to build my resume?

Oh... and I'm just about to leave to go to my uncles place... again! to watch the Grand Final ... again! Hope my team wins this time!


  1. Tough choice.

    Unfortunately, I do not believe I am qualified to give job advice as I am jobless, but I think I'd prefer added security to more experience.

    That's just me, though. I've got no ambition whatsoever.

  2. Your boss sounds like a pretty good guy if he wants you to get a better job. Sadly, my assumption is that, the only reason he brought the positions up is that he might not consider keeping you. Not 100% sure though, just an opinion.

  3. Well, sometimes you have to try new things, try to grow, but always keep in mind that you must do what makes you happier...that's it! so, ask yourself...what would you like more? and chose that...other things does not matter!!! I would take the new roll! xD

  4. From my own experience, take a job that you like doing and will give you experience in something you like doing. Even if you have to go through 3 jobs in a year to find it. It will set a nice foundation for your future careers.

    Personally I have had tons of different jobs and it's gotten to the point where I can pretty much get a job anywhere with little difficulties. Experience/education > job security.

    Example; I have a friend who is a clerk at a gas station, has had the same job for years. He is approaching his 30's and he can only get work as a clerk because he got lazy and decided to stay at the same shit job for nearly a decade without getting a better education. He whines all the time about it, but it is his fault.

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