Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Phone - LG Optimus GT540

I have been looking at getting a new phone for a while now as the phone I have been using for the last few years was becoming pretty damn old, did not have any internet access, and the battery was starting to last for less and less time per charge. I finally chose to go with the newly released (in Australia) LG Optimus.
I got the black one on the left
I chose this phone for a few reasons but the main reason is because I am a cheap barstard. I was only looking at phones that I could get for free on the cheapest phone plan available to me which is a $19 a month plan. I went with this plan on the Optus network because this model of phone was available. On this plan I get $70 worth of calls, 100mb worth of data, and unlimited free access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkdIn, EBay, and FourSquare.

The Optimus is also the cheapest of the Android phones I have seen around. It runs Android 1.6 which is a little disappointing seeing as I would have liked the more up to date version 2 Android OS but for the price what do you expect. Also it has a resistive touch screen rather than a capacitive screen, although many reviews say it is one of the best resistive touchscreens around it still does not compare to a capacitive touchscreen. In my personal use I have had no problems with the touchscreen at all, but I have played with IPhones before and agree the capacitive screens are better, but it's all about keeping the cost down for me. It is still pretty exciting to have my first Android phone... in fact it is actually the first 'smart phone' I have owned. Also I think it's a pretty sexy looking phone.

I have not had much of a chance to play with it yet because I only got it yesterday but from the stuff I have read online and the videos I have watched on Youtube there are plenty of Apps available. I mean, sure it's no IPhone in the way of apps... but then again it's $40 cheaper a month than the 16GB and $60 cheaper than 32GB IPhone. Also it can multitask (run multiple apps at once) and is very open compared to the IPhone. I am able access the file system and install apps from the PC to the phone with no problems and there is no need to do shit like 'Jailbreak' it like you would need to do with the IPhone.


  1. WOW Looks pretty cool man, I have a LG Secret Black label xDDD Which I had the one you just got. Congrats and thanks for the review!

  2. Always found iPhones, or any apple product to be a bit overhyped. I've got a Sony Ericsson Vivaz, something or other, and couldn't be more happy with it.

  3. I'm not too sure about LG phones... the iPhone is a fantastic phone

  4. I need to get a new phone soon as well, contract is ending on my Sony Ericson W995, and I'm going to be looking at some or other smartphone.

  5. Nice!:)

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  6. I've been looking into getting a new phone, and these look pretty cool. Still gotta do more research though.