Friday, September 10, 2010

Double Digits! thank you

I noticed on a lot of the blogs I follow they have recently done a "Thanks for following me and supporting me" post because they have hit 100 or 200 followers. They always follow it up by saying something like "If I could thank you all individually I would."

Well I would like to celebrate hitting the double digits (yay 12 followers!) by first saying "Thanks for following me and supporting me" and following that up with "If I could thank you all individually I would." Oh wait a second... I CAN AND I WILL!

A big thanks to these people:

sildudeArtwork Blog of awesome - He gets first place because he agreed to paint a whale rowing a paddle boat on the ocean. You should follow him.

chasityxo - The Beautiful Life - A blog about being a parent but also sometimes including funny stuff and daily games. 

Cynthia - Life Hack it - A pretty cool and growing collection of life hacks and other cool info.

Stumble Upon Finds! - The Loon uses Stumble Upon a lot and when he comes across cool stuff posts them in the blog. He actually started following me while I was typing this post and I only noticed when I hit the Preview button.

Thanks to the following people also but you did not link your blog in your profile so I have not been able to follow you back :(

Dylan Broadbent


  1. congratulations !
    there have some support *click*

  2. I thought I had followed you, but I guess not. Sorry about that, following and supporting just as you did for me.

  3. thanks for the shout, <3 keep up the good work!!

  4. congratulations, hope you keep getting more followers

  5. wow thats actually really nice of you to do this... i have a few gadgets on my page to reward people you should check it out... top commenter app and recent views app

  6. Thanks for mentioning my blog, that's so awesome of you. Keep those posts coming, I'll be reading them all :)

  7. Cool story, bro! Following and supporting!

  8. I'm following you. You show up in my daily blog list... :D

  9. oh yeah, turns out I'm following you too, I must have missed that sorry.